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Our Story

It was February 2012.  My mother, 79, who had become frail and weak, had been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.  The doctors said that there was little they could do for her and many patients her age do not survive pneumonia.  Sadly, my mother never left the hospital.


I realized that something like this was in store for me, my wife, my children, my friends and all humans.  We grow old (if we’re lucky) and succumb to an age related illness.  So I began asking myself lots of questions.  What is aging in a biological sense?  Why do older people often die from pneumonia and not young people?  Why is a broken hip so deadly to older people?  Could there be a way to impart the immune and/or healing function of a younger person to an aged person? Could it be possible to reverse the effects of aging?



A Gap in The Pharmaceutical System

To help answer these questions, I founded Alpha Sciences LLC.  My name is Mel Barnes.  I am an experienced entrepreneur and intellectual property attorney, who noticed a gap in the pharmaceutical system.  Specifically, if a potential treatment or medicine is not deemed patentable, no one will spend the money to obtain FDA approval for it, because once approved by the FDA, competitors would simply copy the treatment or medicine.


Consequently, a lot of “natural” treatments go largely unstudied because they are thought to not be patentable. This unfortunately results in the unavailability of some effective treatments.  We hope to change that.  More specifically, we believe our use of plasma from young donors will be effective.


My Blog

If you’d like to keep abreast of medical research, longevity and new health products please visit my blog Mel’s Guide. Thank you!